Picture this: two passionate owners, Dave Kelly and Ray Webb, steering the ship as they self-fund this radio haven.

Now, let me introduce you to our incredible crew who bring you a diverse range of shows. They whisk you away on a musical journey spanning from the swinging 60s to the 90s and beyond. It's a time machine filled with nostalgia and hits that never grow old.

We've got you covered, my friend. Whether you're a fan of rock that rattles your soul, smooth jazz that paints melodic landscapes, Motown that makes you groove, show tunes that transport you to Broadway, or the soulful twang of country music—Affinity Radio, on line and on the Internet has it all.

And guess what? We've taken it a step further to ensure your listening experience is seamless. Our shows and music are broadcast from a rock solid cloud-based server, guaranteeing reliability that won't let you down.

Just visit our "Contact Us" page and dive into the vibrant community. Oh, and don't miss the BIG RED BUTTON at the top left of our website. It's your gateway to pure audio bliss.

So, my friend, join us at Affinity Radio and let's embark on a musical adventure together. Get ready to dance, sing, and lose yourself in the captivating world of sound.

Dave Kelly

Dave Kelly Profile

Ray Webb

Ray Webb Profile

Martyn Brown

Martyn Brown Presenter at Affinity Radio

Stuart Blackburn

Stuart Blackburn Profile

Gary Jackson

Gary Jackson Profile

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards Profile

Prairie Rose

Prairie Rose Profile
Geoff Dorsett Profile

Peter Antony

Peter Antony Profile

John Farmery

John Farmery Profile

Roy Beagley

Roy Beagley Profile
Stephen Howie Profile

Joy Kelly

Joy Kelly Profile
Rich Appel Profile

Rich Appel

Pete Revell

Pete Revell Profile

Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams Profile

Todd Gordon

Todd Gordon Profile

Ryan Doran

Ryan Doran Profile

Mark Stafford

Mark Stafford Profile

Pat Gwinn

Pat Gwinn Profile

Colin Reynolds

Colin Reynolds Profile

Kathy O’Neill

Kathy O'Neill Profile

Tony O’Neill

Tony O'Neill Profile

Frank Broeders

Frank Broeders Profile

Affinity Radio - Meet the Crew

Ernie Hill

Ernie Hill
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James Eaton

Steve Hart

Steve Hart

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Andy Lloyd

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