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Its your show on Affinity Radio!

We are great believers in listener participation so you have the chance to have your own program on Affinity. Its called Six of The Best, where you list your six best or favourite tracks on the form, with a few details and we play them over the weekend at 11 am Saturday and Sunday.

You can even send us your voice links or visit us in our studios to record your own links too if you like a real challenge. All we ask is that you let us rebroadcast the mini programmes as appropriate.

So don’t delay, do yours today and join the Six of The Best crew.

If you would like to record your links in our studios can you please add

your telephone contact details so that we can call you to arrange a

convenient date and time for the recording in the “My Six of The Best

 comments” and a we will call you back.

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Please submit your 6 best tunes to

Put 6 of the best in the subject field.

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