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Affinity Radio broadcasts on the Internet radio from studios in Kent in the United Kingdom. We have been broadcasting since August 2010. The station is self funding by the owners Dave Kelly and Ray Webb. The shows provided by our “Crew” are varied but generally cover the 60's through to the 90’s.

Specific genres such as rock, soul, jazz, Motown, show tunes, country, etc are all taken care of as well as good old POP!

All the shows and music is broadcast from our cloud based server for a more reliable experience. Presenters can also host LIVE shows through this system and be contacted by our “Big Red Button”.

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Dave Kelly

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Ray Webb

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Lord Russell

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Adrian Holme

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Peter Marsham

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Stuart Blackburn

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Prairie Rose

Adam E Schaper

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Roy Beagley

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Suzy Starlite and

Simon Campbell

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Ryan Doran

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The Affinity “Crew”

August was our 9th anniversary of 24 hour broadcasting

Thanks to all our presenters past and present for making our station a great place to hear great decades music of all kinds.

Meet the current faces behind the voices on Kent’s, favourite  Internet Radio Station on this page.

(Click the photo to see the DJ profile)

Affinity Radio Timeline

14 August 2010 - On Air Date

12 November 2010 -   Confusion as “Affinity Radio Cambridge (ARC)” discovered.

11 February 2011 -   Formal objection to ARC claiming copyright to name “Affinity Radio”

24 August 2011 -   Registered  the station as “Affinity Radio (Maidstone) Ltd”

31 December - No more confusion as “ARC” ceases broadcasting

5 June 2012 -   Affinity Radio added to Windows Media Player

14 September 2012 -   Affinity Radio added to I Tunes Radio

17 March 2014 -  Affinity Radio moves to The Cloud for broadcasting

18 March 2019- Affinity Radio launches Kent “Local News”

Today - Affinity Radio from Kent in the UK is still broadcasting…………………..

Mark Stafford

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Pat Gwinn

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The Ghostdriver

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Dan Sweeney

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Tont Hall

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